Visualization & Storytelling
Tim Zarki and I had the wonderful opportunity to contribute an article to the Spring 2022 issue of Innovation Magazine about Visualization & Storytelling. When the call for entries came around, I was excited to share my thoughts on product visualization as someone that's professionally made the transition into this space from industrial design.

In this article, we discuss the history of product visualization and its current relevance in design. We also give a run down on the skills needed to succeed in this career and touch on topics like rendering with realism and how to create a captivating product story through art direction. This article is as comprehensive as you can get within four pages and is perfect for those considering visualization as a potential career path or part of their skill set.

Also, I had the honor of having my GOTCHU pad and tampon dispenser concept featured on the cover of this issue! I am always excited for attention to shine on designs that uplift underrepresented products and communities.
Renderweekly x Keyshot
For the May 2022 Render Weekly x KeyShot 3D Paint Challenge, I had the neat opportunity to be a guest judge alongside the crew from Render Weekly and Keyshot.