Pad and tampon dispensers are basically the last thing to be designed in the public restroom. It's a common sight to see these dispensers aging, unfilled, or broken. While restroom interiors look beautiful and invested in at commercial spaces or offices, pad and tampon dispensers are left behind.

Say hey to GOTCHU. Designed to be pleasing to the eyes of an unprepared woman on the first day of her period, GOTCHU will happily supply you with a free pad or tampon. Because if toilet paper, hand soap, and paper towels are free - why can't a woman's sanitary items be as well?
Industrial Design
3D Visualization
​​​​​​​During these crazy times, who wants to touch a germy pad and tampon dispenser anymore when products like the soap dispenser and even the public toilet are often designed to have contactless features? Thankfully, GOTCHU can be operated with just a wave of your hand. There is a 10 second delay to prevent the user from accidentally dispensing more than they need. Thank you, motion sensors!
GOTCHU was designed to be a dream to operate and maintain (not to mention look dreamy AF). This dual dispenser features windows to help you see when it is running low. The best part of all - it's sooo easy to clean. The main front is made from a single sheet of backpainted transparent plastic. This means there are no grooves that grime can get in, plus the graphics will stay forever.
This dispenser strives to be a positive addition to any restroom and isn't shy to show it. Unlike other dispensers that are either grey or white, GOTCHU is shamelessly colorful. It knows that menstrual products aren't something to hide or be ashamed of. With color variations that are inspired by familiar gradients from nature like sunrises and sunsets, GOTCHU helps alleviate a woman's stressful moment and the dreadful public bathroom experience with an uplifting and calming vibe.
This dispenser has its own branded menstrual products to optimize on dispenser space . Contained in thin plastic wrappers, these high absorption pads and tampons are made of 100% cotton. They're easy to unwrap, easy to dispose, and also reminiscent of a beautiful cloudy day.