The Soufflé pouf is an incredibly playful and comfy addition to one's environment. Inspired by simple pleasures like desserts and soft-boiled eggs, this collection of poufs comes in many delectable flavors fitting for any interior that is looking for a touch of joy. Bouclé on the outside and soufflé on the inside, this pouf will always invite you to comfortably sit on it and daydream of your most favorite treats.

Soufflé was a project developed while learning Blender, Cinema4D, and Redshift.
Industrial Design
3D Visualization
Boucle Fabric ∙ Tim Zarki
Soufflé is a personal project to explore new software and visualization techniques. After years of being comfortable with using a digital 3D workflow of modeling in a parametric software like Solidworks and rendering in Keyshot, I was inspired to expand my visualization skillset. I had tried Blender3D a few times in the past and knew that this would be a great opportunity to practice it since it is well suited for modeling soft forms.
While designing the Soufflé pouf, I wanted to visually communicate to the viewer how soft it would feel to sit on it. From my collection of very soft sweaters, I knew that bouclé fabrics fit the criteria of feeling soft and looking soft. Bouclé textures are no where to be found on the internet though, so many thanks to Tim Zarki for fulfilling my bouclé dreams by making this beautiful fabric texture with his custom knit generator in Houdini.
I picked up Cinema4D and Redshift to best visualize the depth in detail of Soufflé's fabric. This software combination was also powerful in letting me refine a brightly lit and realistic interior scene with a level of precision I would always wish for from another rendering software.

The Soufflé pouf is inspired by the simple pleasures in life like soft-boiled eggs and desserts. This pouf is best enjoyed in an inviting environment with warm tones, familiar textures like eggshell walls and wooden flooring, and a generous amount of afternoon sunlight.