Meta Quest 3 Visualization
The Meta Quest 3 is Meta's next generation flagship VR headset. Quest 3 features full color mixed reality pass through, hand tracking, a slimmer form factor thanks to its pancake lens architecture, and lower profile ring-less controllers. Quest 3 was launched on October 3rd, 2023 as part of the Meta Connect 2023 conference.

The Meta Product Visualization team and I created the rendered product images of the Quest 3 headset and accessory ecosystem used on the Meta store, online and physical retail, conference booths, packaging, social media, and more. I worked on the Quest 3 accessory ecosystem, collaborating closely with my teammates to create a consistent body of work that represents the products accurately with close attention to detail and color accuracy. Together we evolved our overall approach to this type of product-centric retail imagery.
3D Art, Art Direction
Industrial Design Director ∙ Peter Bristol
Creative Direction ∙ Kim Jones
3D Art & Art Direction ∙ Tim Zarki
3D Art & Art Direction ∙ Yuchia Kao
3D Art & Art Direction ∙ Brendi Wedinger
3D Art & Art Direction ∙ Todd Hersey