Meta Quest 3 Keynote
The Meta Quest 3 is Meta's next generation flagship VR headset. Quest 3 features full color mixed reality pass through, hand tracking, a slimmer form factor thanks to its pancake lens architecture, and lower profile ring-less controllers. Quest 3 was launched on October 3rd, 2023 as part of the Meta Connect 2023 conference.

As part of the conference, my team mates on the Meta Product Visualization Team and I created a series of videos to accompany Mark Zuckerberg and Andrew "Boz" Bosworth's keynote presentations about the new headset. The goal of these videos was to illustrate key concepts about the design and technical features of the new headset. I worked on lighting, motion design, and final rendering for several shots of the keynote.
Motion Design
Creative Direction & Motion Design ∙ Todd Hersey
Motion Design ∙ Tim Zarki
Motion Design ∙ Yuchia Kao