The Bouquet Lamp reveals new perspectives for flowers to be appreciated. It provides the user with an elegant location to display their floral arrangement and a unique viewing experience that captures the flowers as centerpieces to be enjoyed at all times of the day and night.

Bouquet elevates flowers in a sculptural manner to celebrate their beauty and ephemeral nature. The minimal and geometric lines invite all sorts of flowers to be framed thoughtfully and admired effortlessly. Bouquet is made out of powder coated stainless steel and sandblasted glass in three rich color schemes that are inspired by garden lanterns.
Art Direction
3D Visualization
Industrial Design
Flowers are typically admired during the daylight for the natural lighting and visual clarity. In photographs and paintings where flowers are illuminated within a dark environment, I noticed that they had a beautifully dynamic and ethereal quality. This project was an opportunity to design an object that would illuminate flowers at night, in a way that visually celebrates their presence within the home and reveals a new perspective on their beauty.
Art Direction
Before this project began, I was inspired by how the design of a home can frame its interior or exterior surroundings. An artist also considers the boundary that their painting or photograph is confined within when creating or capturing a composition. The idea of framing is a constant theme throughout this project, which was inspired by the design of the Bouquet Lamp.
Arranging the Flowers
All three lamp variations are pictured with their own bouquet. I wanted to create a wide variety of compositions to illustrate different ways that a floral story could be told, while also conveying the versatility of the Bouquet Lamp as a framing device.
Creating the Materials
The Bouquet Lamp is designed to be manufactured out of powder coated stainless steel and sandblasted glass. I dialed in these materials to be as close to how they'd be in real life by considering aspects like the scale and depth of their textures and level of reflectivity. The level of care in refining the CMF of the lamp was also applied on the bouquets and the environment as well.
Building the Scene
Previously, I would build standalone interiors to support my product renderings. For this project, I wanted to try building a home with optimal views to place the lamp in to allow for greater flexibility in camera angles. The home was designed with a 9' tall ceiling for greater breathing room and ceiling supports to help with its structural integrity. Various elements of the home contribute to realism and hint to the lamp's scale, such as the fusama door's handle height, size of the furniture and plants, and scale and depth of the materials.
Visualization Workflow
The Bouquet Lamp was modeled in Fusion 360 and designed for manufacturability and assembly. It was visualized in Cinema4D with self-made materials. Additionally, the building, rocks, and pond were modeled in Cinema4D, and the plants and indoor furniture models were downloaded from the web. The scenes were rendered with Redshift.