As a well-known leader within the power tools industry, SKIL is backed with a strong history of designing for do-it-yourself consumers. To improve and maintain its presence within the younger market of users, SKIL repositioned its brand strategy to meet the demands and expectations of the millennial market with uncompromising functionalities that compete with today’s leading power tool brands.

The following includes a brief summary of my involvement on the drill & impact drivers, which are part of nine products I had the pleasure of designing together with the PDT Industrial Design and Engineering teams, the Industrial Design team at Chervon North America, and the Research and Development team at Chervon in China.
Secondary research and in-person interaction with current competitive 12v power tools revealed the reasoning behind each tool’s design, and the factors that needed to be considered for the SKIL PWRCore 12V line.
As the drill driver was being refined by the design team, I was tasked to design the impact driver while using the treatment of the drill’s signature elements as a foundation. This is a more compact tool that had additional manufacturability-driven design decisions, most notably on and around the chuck.
Together with R&D and engineering, we dialed down the VBL and ergonomic considerations of SKIL’s leading tool, the drill driver. After I finalized the designs in Illustrator, I rendered orthographic views of both the drill and impact drivers in Photoshop for Chervon’s customer review and PDT’s 3D Modeling team.

For these renders to be communicative and desirable, I placed stronger highlights on major branding elements and emphasized overmolded details and textures to give the tools a dimensioned tactile quality.
SKIL PWRCORE 12V cordless tools are out to disrupt the DIY prosumer market with professional-grade functionality that’s packaged in highly compact housing.
Stronger components are packaged with a robust and refined visual brand language that strengthens the entire product line.
All tools work on the same battery platform and come with a USB port that provides versatility in charging power tools or your mobile phone. Additionally, both 2Ah and 4Ah batteries come in a slide pack design that allowed improved handle ergonomics of each tool.