Herman Miller
When people think of the gamer aesthetic, typically it involves a robust gaming battlestation that has an aggressive computer case, lots of RGB lights, mostly black products, and a very dark environment. It's visual cues like this that help the gamer better immerse themselves into the game. However, this marketing direction is vastly outdated since gamers include a wide variety of people, such as women, with different tastes in home aesthetics.  

For RenderWeekly‘s collaboration with Herman Miller, I created several images that explored different materials and patterns in the design and marketing of the Sayl chair to make it more appealing to people outside of the traditional "gamer" stereotype. It was refreshed with a nuanced CMF that includes translucent plastic materials and colors that are more fitting for the home. It is also situated in late afternoon and early evening environments as a nod to how personal computer spaces are currently even more in flux throughout the day between being for work and for casual activities like gaming.
3D Visualization
Lapis Keyboard ∙ Tim Zarki