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Inspiration and Relevancy

It is in a creative’s inherent nature to be open to something potentially inspiring. Inevitably, these moments leave an impact on their work and mindset. We are what we consume. All of our experiences, the individuals that we look up to, and the things that we aspire to be and achieve are a few of many aspects that make us unique. It’s important to recognize and be confident in the power of your voice by virtue of its uniqueness. It lends way to a vision and purpose in design that’s different from others.

There is something to be said about being inspired by those outside of one’s field of work. While it’s important to understand design, design does not exist in a bubble. I think design is very culturally driven.

Good design is relevant. It has the power to start a conversation or influence one. It also contributes to the identity of the user. The things you own say something about you. This is why it’s important to truly understand the audience that a product is for. Not only will the designer develop a product that hits the target on what it aims to achieve, but the product will be much more relevant and impactful through its representation to how it’s being perceived.

To give an idea a stronger purpose for existing, there are some considerations that should be addressed. What are the pain points that this product is aimed to solve? What is the narrative that it fits in or is establishing? What is the greater message that it is sending? These questions help contribute to its relevancy within the culture it is designed for.