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Sketches: Footwear

On the way home from a sketching meet-up last Saturday, I found some time to sketch a sneaker and boot. I really enjoy sketching footwear and all the endless exploration you can do with the topic. This time I kept it a little conservative with the boot and sketched something I would wear. I tried to be a bit different with the sneaker.


I actually liked what I came up with! Lately I’ve been enjoying the color pencil style of sketching, so that’s what I used here. I hadn’t had a chance to do much digital rendering lately, so I loaded the sketches into my iPad and got working. Here’s the boot all rendered up along with some color ways:


Black fits the moto style I was aiming for. I tried some bold colors that could highlight the texture of the boot well. My favorite is the olive with a tan sole - it’s a bit different from my personal style, but I can see how people can get creative with mixing this boot into their wardrobe.

… and then the sneaker. I’m not too much of a sneaker head, but I had a lot of fun with this one.


I’ve always enjoyed designs that pulled the sole in a bit more to look further integrated. So that was the challenge here, and how do I design this in a way that makes it a statement feature, but not too overpowering. There’s also a peek of what the sole could potentially be.

In exploring these color ways, I thought - what ways could I break up the shoe, and how do I keep it balanced overall? I gave it a huge Nike logo and tried some texturing with Procreate’s native brushes.

There’s some things that need to be worked out if I were to take this further, especially the back. I only planned to briefly finish that sketch, but I just loved detailing this out. Sneakers are a completely different ball game. I would love to do a real project on footwear. It’s one of those things you see all views of, like watches and eyewear. So you have to be extra aware of how the designs translate when it’s turned around.

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Sketches: Winter Coat

Sometimes I participate in an instagram group called Weekly Design Challenge. The theme for this week was winter jackets. I ended up sketching a coat because it’s something I’m more familiar with. Compared to the coats I usually see, I tried to give this design more of an edge with exposed metal zips and leather trims. The wing collar also gives a more confident look. Sketched on the iPad!

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Cruising to the Beach

This past Saturday was another car sketching day at OSCC — this is a car design class that’s led by automotive and industrial designers Cliff Krapfl and Mike Herbert from TEAMS Design. We studied a bit of Dusenberg history and learned how to sketch super old school. The last time I used a Higgins bottle of black ink was about 7 years ago. As to a calligraphy pen — that was probably 10 years. It was so incredibly refreshing to become acquainted with this medium again!

There were a few collages of vintage posters and photography clustered on the table. Some of the thumbnails caught my eye with their compelling storytelling. With a 11x17 sheet of paper and two hours of class left, I tried to capture what I was inspired by...

Cruising along to the beach… what a perfect contrast to the 50 degree Chicago weather ;)

Cruising along to the beach… what a perfect contrast to the 50 degree Chicago weather ;)

Flipping Cars

Around a month ago, I sketched with a few OSCC pals at TEAMS Design. There were some model cars lying around at the table. I liked the Studebaker. At that time, I was really into drawing machine guts, so I decided to flip the car onto its side and sketch it. I set a timer for 5 minutes (the grandest lie) - no pressure, just something quick to warm up.


I ended up getting really into it!

For a couple of weeks leading to this sketch, I had been doing some daily quick sketching exercises (mentioned in the previous post). I studied all sorts of photos. My intent was to sketch quicker and get better at proportions.

Sketching this flipped Challenger was my first time applying the lessons and habits from these daily exercises. I sketched my way through the car more strategically and was more aware of the lights and shadows. Some things could be better, but honestly I’m just glad I finished it within the evening.

I didn’t realize the kind of impact this kind of sketch would have on others. This sketch has come up a few times since then in conversation or through instagram attention. I guess it is uncommon to sketch a car on its side. Maybe it is a bit daunting? To tackle this topic, I saw past the mechanics and focused more on the values.

Anyway. It is hard to see where the improvement or progress is, especially when sketching and designing everyday. That is, until defining moments occur, like this sketch!