Suzuki Jimny

There was an industry event for Old School Car Class last Saturday that I was invited to pin up work for. It had been a while since I committed to a car sketch, and I absolutely needed to see where my skills were at. So, I pulled out some prismacolor pencils and got working!


I went old school with indigo and black prismas and tightened up the sketch with the iPad. Going back in with a black overlay on the dark parts helped give more weight to the car. This is a new technique and style for me, and the process helped inform how I should approach using colored pencils more efficiently.

My test subject was the new Suzuki Jimny. I’ve always enjoyed the look of 4x4’s, but there was something refreshing about the proportions and character of this one. Also, I love how it looks in tan:


Anyway — the event was great! Dan Zimmerman from Fiat Chrysler came by to show us some car sketching tricks while dishing out some words of wisdom. Anything can be a car if you just add wheels, basically.